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Get Paid to Play Team Sponsorship
« on: January 31, 2012, 02:07:08 PM »

In 2010 MilSim Paintball League brought you the first competitive No Flag… Just Mission Scenario based competitive league that was able to keep track of not only team scores but individual stats.

In 2011 MilSim Paintball League created a point system that can track surrenders (mercy kills)

In 2012 MilSim Paintball League continues to help grow the sport of competitive scenario paintball by introducing a Pro-Level Team Sponsorship Program for amateur teams. This is not your typical sponsorship were you get a Discount No Sir… this is special sponsorship brought to you by the MilSim Paintball League in conjunction with several Manufactures, that will pay you and your team to represent them at MilSim Events. For more information visit

We are working hard to bring you the best experience in scenario paintball!!!