Author Topic: BUY/SELL RULES -- Read first  (Read 11721 times)


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BUY/SELL RULES -- Read first
« on: May 13, 2005, 05:48:31 PM »
These buy and sell forums are provided without any kind of promise, warranty, etc. for the benefit of users. Please observe normal online trading protocols and practice good-faith trading. Areas of specific conern for administrators are as follows:

Please allow "pending" transactions. It is generally considered bad form to agree to sell something at a certain price then either sell it to someone else or seek a higher offer at a later date. In person or in a store this would be ILLEGAL. Online it can't be enforced except by good faith. Traders who do not follow through on transactions, respect "pending" transactions and otherwise exhibit poor online trading etiquette are not welcome here.

All deals occur here independently of We encourage you to use third-party services if the values of the items involved warrant it.

We have a feedback forum specifically for this board, however we also encourage linking to feedback profiles on other boards. Be on guard, however, for people linking to your remote profiles and claiming them as their own.

Remote listings are allowed (e.g. links to eBay or other boards), but please do not abuse this policy. You MUST list at least ballpark prices. "Ups" are allowed for the time being but please, no more than one per day.