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Weights n Measures Project
« on: January 23, 2008, 08:20:01 AM »
Just how heavy is that part anyway?

This is an attempt to comprehensively list the weights of whatever cocker part can be thrown on a scale.



    * WGP MP-4 ram (with ram hoses, about 3" of hose): 23.65g
    * MPP Ram with Eclipse QEV's: 43.7g


    * Palmer's Micro Rock (standard hex adjuster, with barb): 67.55g
    * WGP Sledgehammer (late model, with brass fitting and barb): 85.07g

Pneumatics valves

    * CCM 3-way (late model angled nose, with shaft and integrated collar, 3 barbs, no set screws): 11.35g
    * WGP 3-way (early model long brass, with shaft, 3 barbs): 37.14g

Block screws

    * Stock WGP front block screw: 20.30g
    * KAPP stainless front block screw (flat top): 24.43g


    * Eclipse QEV (black aluminum): 2.60-2.65g

Reciprocating parts


    * Drg's turtle bolt (early model, delrin open-face with metal detent): 21.17g
    * Freeflow nylatron bolt (early model 2 o-ring venturi, with detent): 28.45g
    * CCM half-delrin bolt (from an S5 body): 34.57g
    * Turtle Cocker Delrin Bolt (nylon ball, steel set screw): 18.9g
    * WGP Delrin Bolt (worrblade): 44.3g
    * JAM bolt (1st generation, all aluminum): 68.30g


    * Drg's turtle backblock (early model, full-hoop block): 10.30g
    * Freeflow Lotus (P-block): 25.65
    * CCM delrin backblock (from an S5 body): 12.30g
    * Turtle Sled Style Delrin Back Block (Newest turtle design): 4.9g
    * Jackal RDL backblock (late model): 18.05g

Bolt pins

    * Drg's turtle cocking pin (stainless with delrin knob): 10.55g
    * Freeflow nylatron bolt pin: 1.45g
    * CCM bolt pin (nylon/delrin?): 1.85g
    * Turtle Cocker Pull Pin, mQ size (delrin with steel pin): 8.6g
    * Custom Delrin Pull Pin (Slik style, for mQ-valved half block): 1.2g
    * Custom Ti Half Block Pull Pin (similar to Z-Force?): 5.7g
    * Slik Pull Pin (manufacturer's spec): 1.6g
    * Steel WGP Stock Pull Pin: 15.3g

Pump arms

    * Turtle short pump arm (stainless): 8.10g
    * Turtle Aluminum Pump Arm (Newest Turtle Design): 5.5g
    * Custom Mini Length CCM pump arm (For half block cocker - w/ added internal steel screw to prevent breakage): 5.8g
    * Full length Aluminum CCM Pump Arm: 10.3g
    * Full Length Steel CCM Pump Arm (aluminum Coupler): 26.7g
    * Mini Length Steel Pump Arm: 19.2g
    * Mini Length straight pump rod (stainless steel, WWA pump kit): 25.85g

Internal parts

mQ valve

    * mQ Spacer (normal mQ, 2nd run): 8.95-9.00g
    * mQ Poppet (2nd run): 1.25g
    * mQ Valve body/poppet housing (2nd run): 4.00g
    * mQ Solenoid assembly (2nd run): 30.45g


    * Freeflow tungsten hammer (early model w/ 4 nylon set screws and flat lug): 74.67g
    * BBT Phat Hammer: 40.50g
    * Stock WGP hammer, flat lug: 39.50g
    * CCM hammer: 42.55g
    * WGP JOLE V3 hammer (longer than normal stock + no cocking rod threading): 43.00g

Cocking rods

    * Freeflow(?, w/ bumper, knob and set screw): 22.03g
    * CCM (w/ bumper, aluminum knob and set screw): 15.30g
    * MacDev Ti Cocking Rod (old School): 11.3g

Valve jam nuts

    * Stock jam nut (black steel alloy?): 6.95g
    * KAPP jam nut (stainless w/ o-ring): 4.05g


    * Stock IVG (brass w/ o-ring): 13.15g


Cocker items

    * Mechanical trigger sear (polished stainless non-roller, possibly Eclipse?): 8.30g
    * Chunk Of Aluminum Removed for Mini Conversion: 36.4g(+ material the mill took off after initial band saw cut)
    * Chunk Of aluminum Removed for half block Conversion: 69.3g (+ Milled Material)

Paintball items

    * CP Inline Reg, short w/ 90 degree macroline fitting: 96.35g
    * Unimount (early) w/ gripframe screws, no fittings: 94.20g
    * Macroline fitting, 90 degree, unknown make: 22.25g
    * Sticker, approx. 4.25 in x 1.25 in, vinyl: 1.15g

All participation in this project is welcome, post your findings in the thread found in the Paintball Talk forum.
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